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Manufacturing and Distributing Quality
Broadcast Solutions Worldwide since 1987.


Our mission is to provide the very best broadcast video production solutions to a worldwide marketplace via our distribution & retail channels.


Innovation through collaboration, Tower's manufacturing brands specialize in custom value-added products and services when conventional off-the-shelf solutions simply are not enough.


Tower Products Incorporated boasts multiple worldwide recognized brands including Markertek, TecNec Distributing, Camplex Fiber Gear, Sescom Audio, Laird Digital Cinema, Delvcam Monitors, Ocean Matrix and My Custom Shop.


Our brands supply the most innovative technical gear used to produce TV Shows, sporting events, feature films, commercials, concert tours and YouTube creatives.


Our customers rely on us to source the very best in cutting-edge technology. We consistently add new brands and thousands of new products to our portfolio each year.

Whether you've got a hot new product or simply a better mousetrap, we'd like to hear about it. Working with Tower Products provides the best opportunities to sell your product in the Broadcast TV, Pro-Audio and Pro-AV market places.

We are Proud to be 100% Employee Owned.

At Tower Products Incorporated, we have always done things differently than the rest of the industry! We have always believed in rewarding our employees in a tangible manner for their contributions to our ongoing success and growth. In 2016, we decided to make our employees actual equity stake owners in 100% of the company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”).


Unlike a 401K, the plan is 100% company paid. Participating in an ESOP program means employees become beneficial owners of the company and thus provides a direct financial incentive to our employees for a job well done. It's a great way to reward them for their hard work and taking pride in what they do. It is also why we lead the broadcasting industry with the most energetic and knowledgeable employee-owners under the sun!

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