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Tower Careers - Join Our Team!

Please visit our Job Openings page to see our latest job openings. 
Accounting & Business Administration

For those passionate about numbers, bookkeeping, and human resources, Tower has a team of dedicated individuals who sit at the core of our financial and human capital. This detail oriented team handles our financial analysis, payables, receivables, collections and human resources.

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Marketing & Merchandising

This creative team covers product entry & content as well as all facets of digital marketing. Although situated in a small Hudson Valley town, our products and advertising are seen by a worldwide customer base. This provides a rare opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade used by Madison Avenue in a thriving creative environment where your commute takes you through the winding paths of the Catskill mountains! Digital Marketing at Tower includes careers in email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, video marketing, photography, cooperative selling and print production. Our data team handles product entry for our websites as well as content writing. 

Sales & Customer Service

If you have a knack for tech and the gift to sell, becoming a Sales Engineer at Markertek provides an opportunity to turn your unique skill set into a full time career. Our Sales Team stands at the forefront of innovation gaining a consistent education on the latest technology in the video production and audio recording industries. This means you’ll get your customers the tools they need to complete their jobs right the first time. Our customers have provided over 15,000 5-Star Reviews over the years. You’ll also work with some of the most respected customers in the industry such as: broadcast TV producers, professional sports teams, government agencies, educational facilities, installation professionals and more.


We can’t have satisfied customers unless they get what they need and get it on time! The Tower Purchasing Team plays a key role in working with our suppliers from around the globe to provide products to our customers in a timely fashion. With over 600 featured brands on our websites, this is no simple feat. Players on this team are resourceful at sourcing merchandise and shrewd at protecting our bottom line. Can you drive a hard bargain? Do you enjoy being a helpful resource to others? Then a position on our Purchasing Team is for you!

Internet Technology & Security

With over 30 years servicing a worldwide customer base, our IT Team thrives in dealing with big data and big systems. This squad is used to fulfilling days and overcoming challenges on an hourly basis to keep our call center, websites and business operations open to our customers and suppliers. Career paths on this team include cyber security, ERP systems management, sequel database support, business intelligence. 

Fiber Working-4.jpg
Copper & Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

Handiness is next to godliness! Our copper and fiber optic cable shops are the driving force behind the infrastructure of network TV shows, professional sports broadcasts, college campus digital signage systems, oil rig inspection units and so much more. With customers working in critical applications like this, failure is never an option. Our cables have a stellar reputation for zero defect workmanship. Bring your soldering, crimping and fiber polishing skills to Tower and you’ll know you’re the behind-the-scenes hero for multiple worldwide industries.

Metal Fabrication

We have always told our customers, "If You Think It, We’ll Build It." Tower’s Metal Fabrication Team delivers rack panels, wall plates, field boxes and custom fabricated solutions. Their precision craftsmanship provides a finishing touch to a customer installations of studio control rooms, broadcast trucks, conference rooms, AV racks and more. If you enjoy working with your hands in a detail oriented way, a position on our metal shop team is the one for you!

Engineering & R&D

The Tower Engineering / R&D team works with our brands, sales and marketing team to develop and design all of the great products built in our shop. Our products range from stock and custom cables to handy conversion devices as well as fiber optic cable extenders. You’ll be at the forefront of a ground up process starting with a customer’s need to engineering a problem solving solution! 

Warehouse & Distribution Center

Working at the speed of the printer was a long time motto of our Distribution Center staff. There is never a dull moment in the day of this powerful squad of individuals tasked with meeting constant customer demand. As UPS and Fed Ex arrive, our warehouse warriors hustle to ship and receive product. Period. Customers know when our packages arrive! They never receive a half empty container of dead air but rather a box packed with the ultimate care and environmentally friendly packaging. And this team has incredible attention to details… our goods ship at a 99.99% accuracy rate. Get what you need and get it on time!

Please visit our Job Openings page to see our latest job openings. 

Come work at a place where you’ll love your job and the customers we serve in the fast paced video and film production industry! We offer the opportunity to flourish in multiple career paths including: Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting, Warehouse Operations, Fiber Cable Manufacturing, Copper Cable Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication. Tower Products Incorporated boasts multiple worldwide recognized brands including Markertek, TecNec Distributing, Camplex Fiber Gear, Sescom Audio and My Custom Shop. Our brands supply all of the cutting edge technical gear used to produce TV Shows, sporting events, feature films, commercials and YouTube creatives. Our customers include all of the top news and sports TV networks, film studios, pro sports teams, live event spaces, esports arenas and more.

We love tech savvy people who enjoy problem solving and have unique ideas they aren’t afraid to share. In addition to an exciting and challenging workplace, we also offer outstanding benefits including company paid medical/dental, paid time off and an employee stock ownership program (ESOP). You’ll have the opportunity to work the best talent in the Hudson Valley.

Tower is also a company with a serious commitment to community service. We are winners of the National World Economic Development Association's Community Impact Award entrusted to only eleven companies nationwide.

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